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35+ years of building civil infrastructure 

A Certified Professional Estimator, Bob Griesinger draws on domestic and international construction experience from over four decades to provide clients with professional estimating and project management construction services.

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An expert in heavy civil construction, Bob specializes in the development and building of highways, airports, dams, landfills, bridges, concrete structures, water treatment facilities, pump stations, and both surface and underground mines. Drawing on his experience, Bob is able to provide clients, partners, and employers with the following services.


Cost Estimating and Management

Bob recognizes the importance of having accurate cost estimates before a shovel even goes in the ground. Accurate estimates are needed for budgeting, to verify or modify design decisions at the various stages of the project development and to analyze the accuracy and fairness of contractor bids. Estimating for contractor hard bidding is also something that Bob specializes in. Estimates will utilize the latest wage data with our own material and labor productivity costs database. We follow CSI formatting when required by general contractors or engineers’ clients. Estimates that require different Levels of detail follow AACE requirements.

Looking Over Architectural Plans

CPM Scheduling

Bob provides his clients with Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling services, an essential requirement for effective construction project management. This includes the preparation, analysis, and updating of baseline schedules based on actual project progress. These services allow clients to effectively plan and organize work, measure progress, quantify impacts, and adjust to changes with maximum efficiency.

Deliverables are prepared using the latest versions of the industry’s scheduling software, including Primavera, Sure Track, and MS Project. All reporting protocols are customized to client needs and reflect the requirements of various levels of personnel that will review the scheduling information from project staff to company executives.

  • Master program schedules

  • Design phase schedules

  • Construction phase schedules

  • Completion and turnaround schedules

  • Window and look-ahead schedules

  • Recovery schedules

  • Contract time determination (engineer’s estimate of time)

  • Cost and resource loading

  • Periodic updating of schedules

  • Preparation of schedule reports

  • Schedule analysis and trending

  • Progress completion verification

  • Review and analysis of schedules prepared by others

  • Analysis, preparation, and testimony regarding delay and disruption claims

Risk Management

Risk exists at every step of the construction process, and Bob helps to manage that risk by applying time-tested strategies during the project development, design, and construction phases.  Bob has analyzed and investigated construction claim issues for all major industry subsectors, and the experience he has gained from resolving construction disputes allows him to provide comprehensive risk management services, including:

  • Change-order negotiation validation

  • Contract document (key-clause) reviews

  • Decision-tree development

  • Payment specification

  • Earned value management and analysis

  • Independent entitlement assessments

  • Issue monitoring 

  • Trend monitoring

  • Change management

  • Project controls development, review, and oversight

  • Project documentation audits

  • Peer review of existing PM/CM team

  • Risk register creation and monitoring

  • Quantitative risk assessment

  • Contingency assessment

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Heavy Civil Engineering isn't just a speciality, it is Bob's passion.  Building the infrastructure that makes for a successful and stable society is easy for most people to take for granted, but it is the cornerstone of our path towards progress. From highways, bridges, railways, and airports to mines, dams, and utilities plants - if it is big, Bob can build it.

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Safety. Reliability. Integrity.

Advising clients in a professional manner is of the upmost importance, and Bob vows to provide his clients with advice based on an honest evaluation of the facts. Services will always be considered before profit; honor and standing of his profession before personal advantage; and the welfare of the public and the environment above all other considerations. Clients are protected when required by non-disclosure agreements, Bob ensures the client information and records are kept confidential and are protected to insure the interests of his clients, and professional colleagues at all times. Bob seeks to avoid any perceived conflicts of interest that may impair our objectivity and immediately offer to withdraw from any assignment where actual conflict exists. Bob respects our professional colleagues in order to maintain the standards of the profession, in accordance with the laws and regulations, which govern our professional practice. He avoids any conduct that could be considered unethical or immoral, or that interferes with, or conflicts with any laws, statutes, or regulations.

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